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Fiscal Year. The accounting year of the Corporation shall be the calendar year.

ARTICLE IX. Rules of Order

Rules of Order. The most recent version of “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall be the parliamentary authority for any matters of procedure not specifically covered by these bylaws.

ARTICLE X. Amendments

Amendments. The Board of Directors may propose amendments, revisions, additions to, repeal or rescission of these bylaws and/or adoption of new bylaws at any meeting of the Board of Directors. Notice of the proposed alteration, amendment, revision, addition, repeal or rescission of the bylaws or adoption of new bylaws shall have been forwarded to the latest owner’s address available to the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days preceding a membership meeting. These amendments become effective upon approval of a majority vote of members in attendance at two separate meetings. A quorum shall be defined as fifty percent (50%) or more of the voting members represented in person or by proxy. Proxies and votes may be solicited by the Secretary, with the notice of meeting, from those voting members unable to attend. The Secretary shall give at least thirty days’ notice of any meeting to amend the bylaws.

Proxies held by the Secretary shall be cast by the Secretary as decided by the majority of the Board of Directors.

Adopted: January 20, 2005

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